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The Basics


Gliink is place to create and share your gift wish lists with friends and family as well as find gifts and gift-ideas for others. These lists are called Gliink Lists and operate the same way as virtual pinboards. The image-driven format allows you to browse other people’s Gliink Lists in a fun and interactive way.

Always give them what they want... and get what you want too!


How do I add the Gliink It button to my bookmarks bar?

  You can save items from any site as you shop online. Just drag the "Gliink It" button to your browser's bookmarks bar and click it whenever you are on the web page of an item you'd like to save. Click here to learn more and add the "Gliink It" button to your bookmarks bar.

Can I add the Gliink Itbutton to multiple computers or browsers?


You can add the "Gliink It" button to as many browsers as you want. Just head over to this page and drag the button to your bookmarks bar.


How do I add an item to my "Gliink List"?

  To add an item to your Gliink List, click the "Gliink It" button on your bookmarks bar while on the website of the item you'd like to save. A new page will appear. From this page, select the image you'd like to add to your Gliink List. Then select the Gliink List you'd like to add the item to or create a new one in the dropdown menu by simply typing in a title for your new Gliink List.

How do I save an item from my phone or iPad?

  The easiest way to save items from your phone or iPad is to add the "Gliink It" button to your browser on your computer and then to sync bookmarks between your computer and your device.

The "Gliink It" button will then be added to your phone or iPad for you. For instructions on how to sync your bookmarks with an iPhone or iPad click here. Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to add the "Gliink It" button directly from your phone or iPad yet. We’re working on building apps for iPhone, Android and iPad to make it easy for you to save items from anywhere and we’ll let you know as soon as they’re ready!

Using Gliink


Whatʼs a "Gliink" List?

  Gliink Lists are a way to organize the items you save to Gliink. Some popular Gliink List titles are "Shoes", “Excercise”, “Kitchen” or “My Birthday List”.

Whatʼs a Category?

  Categories are fixed lists that products are sorted under such as tops, pants, beauty or home. You can easily sort your products by categories as you create your list. For example, click “Shoes” to see all of your shoes at once.

How do I share my List with friends?

  Sharing your Gliink Lists with friends is easy! Your account has a unique URL associated with it (for example, www.gliink.com/brendon), which you can copy and share however you want (Facebook, email, chat or Post-It note). You can also edit this link under your account settings.

How do I invite friends?

  To invite friends to Gliink, click “Invite” on the right side of the top menu. You’ll be able to invite them through email. Your friends and family will thank you!

Editing Your Account


How can I change my name or email address?

  Click on My Gliink Lists on the blue header. Then click the “Edit” button and you’ll be taken to your account settings where you can edit all of your account information.

What is "my link" and how do I change it?

  Your Gliink list has a unique link (for example, www.gliink.com/chef) that allows you to easily share with friends by simply copying and pasting it. You can change your link to whatever you’d like under your account settings.

How do I delete my account?

  We’re sad to see you go (but happy to help you out). Please send us an email at gliinkinc@gmail.com with the subject line “Delete my account.”
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