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Hair growth cycle, the hairfall in each phase | Lively Globe

Hair growth cycle and its various phases. Each phase exists for different period of time and leads to hair fall due to different reasons.

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What is a hair follicle ?  | Lively Globe

Three parts of hair follicle are explained. Have a look at them to know where they are.

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Structure of hair | Lively Globe

Hair structure has much more that helps you understand what is the reason for your hair loss.

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Emergency measures for lowering high BP | Lively Globe

When there is a sudden increase in your BP, it may lead to any further extent of health issue. SO, firstly the BP must be controlled with some tips here.

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Very common symptoms of High Blood pressure | Lively Globe

The signs of High blood pressure are very much important for any individual. Here are the list of symptoms.

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Life is adventure | Lively Globe

Live the moment and enjoy the adventure of happiness.

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health benefits of snake guard

Health is the most important for any one. It may be normal person or a diabetic one. But diabetics cant consume every nutritious food. Here is the great nutrition rich food for diabetics too.

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Turmeric and its health benefits | Lively Globe

Turmeric is well known spice in south east Asia, especially in India. It is found as the one point solution for many health problems.

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Healthy perspective on winter | Lively Globe

Healthy properties of winter

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Tips to have a sound sleep | Lively Globe

Tips to have a healthy sleep

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